Pickering College

匹克林学院是一个独立的男女混合寄宿制学校,Offer preschool to Grade 12 curriculum。Founded in 1842,School construction continued to be proud of the outstanding education and community service tradition。In a doubly relating to respect people's respect for teachers and the school community,Pickering College offers students a rich variety of academic programs、Physical activity and leadership practices。

在成为卓越教育领导者的精神使命下,The school offers courses continued to inspire students to meet their growth and lifelong learning required high standards。In-depth application laptops and sophisticated educational technology,School curriculum in academic、艺术、multimedia、体育、Leadership development、Provide a rare opportunity to study aspects of community services。Pickering College and students due to the excellent overall performance and widely recognized。

在一群专注于培养学生适应未来竞争的教师团队的带领下,Pickering College offers a personalized learning environment and innovation。I have always been concerned that the school values ​​student horizons、Courage and improve their skills on to my students get a broader、Better、More perfect social groups。Like president said,Schools have always believed and stressed that the development of intellectual、Critical Thinking、Creative communication、Spiritual development、health、Social judgment、Balanced development of leadership skills and environmental awareness on。


  • All enrollment:407人
  • Boarding students (7--12 Year) Number:98人
  • High school students (grades 9 - 12):232人
  • High school students commuting:143人
  • The average high school class:12-18人
  • Junior high school and below (Kindergarten - 8th grade):175人
  • Junior high school students and below commuting:165人
  • Junior high school and below the class average:14-18人







  • 创办于1842年,Recruit 7--12 Year Male、Girls boarding school。
  • 大学升学率100%
  • 校园占地42英亩,Quiet community north of Toronto。
  • Private schools have registered the only radio station (7 CHOP FM),面对全加广播,All shows directed by students。
  • 倡导遵循16项价值观,Runs through learning and life。
  • 注重学生素质培养,Vocal opened、戏剧、舞蹈、马术、Advanced Computer Applications course。
  • To carry out a number of sports (football、橄榄球、垒球、田径、Fitness、冰球、滑雪、篮球、马术、Figure Skating、Rock climbing, etc.),And special club (chess、Social court、debate、photography、Filmmakers, etc.);
  • M campus、F Block 1 have the girls stay,There is a double room、Su prison、24Hour medical service。
  • 1A runway 400 meters standard rubber playground、1Large ice sports center、2Gymnasium、4Football fields、Baseball field、Equestrian Center、Outdoor pool、Tennis and squash courts、音乐教室、艺术工作室、Large refectorium、Student common lounge area、library、Computer Resource Center、science lab、1Student radio station、医疗中心、gym、Auditorium。


毕业生持续保持着100%的大学入学率,70% received a scholarship Ontario。2009-2010School graduates,It received a total of $ 177,000 plus a variety of university entrance scholarships。

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加州大学(美) 康奈尔大学(美) 麻省理工(美) 普林斯顿大学(美) 宾夕法尼亚大学(美) 耶鲁大学(美)


匹克林学院向所有希望提高英语水平或希望到英语国家接受教育的12岁到18岁的学生们提供这个非常有趣的英语夏令营,在这里你不仅可以学习英语,更会享受在这里的每一刻!学校提供42英亩的美丽校园,Exciting classroom activities and a wealth of extra-curricular activities! Students will spend a happy summer in Ontario。

在匹克林学院,完全采取小班教学,Every 12 students in a class。Summer camp teaching model with exactly the same high school in Canada。 After each lesson there are exercises and operations,Some work will be done on school computer。The ESL summer camp will focus on training and improving students' English reading,写作,Speaking and Listening。


Pickering College welcome students from all over the world。68%Students for Canadians,32%的学生来自于22个国家,They come from the Bahamas、Barbados、Bermuda、China、Germany、Jamaica、日本、韩国、Mexico、Nigeria、西班牙、Netherlands Antilles、Taiwan、United Arab Emirates、Britain and the United States。


Located 30 kilometers north of Toronto,、Scenic new industrial city of Newmarket Town,From Pearson International Airport via Highway 401 and Highway 404 just 35 minutes by car。Toronto downtown commuter train and bus,Transportation is very convenient。Newmarket town is a safe and sophisticated town,有7万7千人口,有现代化的设施,Such as a variety of sports facilities、community Hospital、cinema、shopping center、library、剧院、Public transport facilities、restaurant、church、Park and lake。