Canadian private schools Study Tour camp

Why participate in the study tour Camp Eden quality private education?

亲自走访,Carefully selected favorite quality private schools

由于教育体制和社会环境等诸多因素不同,Quality private schools for many students belong to families is still very unfamiliar territory。in spite of,From the school's official website、Promotional materials can get part of the information,But there are still many unknown factors。such as:School location is appropriate? The environment surrounding the school is satisfied with? School accommodation、Whether catering arrangements satisfactory? Campus learning facilities、Whether sports and leisure facilities satisfactory? What is the main difference between different private schools is that? Whether you like cultural and social environment in Canada? and many more。

As the saying goes, "seeing is believing"。Eden participate quality private education camp Study Tour,一趟为期10天的考察行程,You can understand the attitudes of Canadian life and culture,You can personally visit different quality private field trips,Creation and school admissions officers face to face networking opportunities to increase the chances of admission。Eden Education will send professionals accompanied,Provide technical support systematic trip。

经过短暂10天的游学之旅,After visiting more than distinctive quality private schools,你一定会纠结未来到底去哪个学校就读好呢?请不必担心,在返程之前,Eden Education will send professionals to arrange a one-hour school choice counseling,Given reasonable professional recommendations based on student characteristics and needs comprehensive,让你不虚此行,Rewarding experience。