Handling process

Application private schools / public secondary schools for the process

  1. Customers can submit an application via the "Apply online" mode;
  2. Eden Education will contact the customer as soon as possible to assign Educational Consultants,Customer needs,Giving personalized solutions;
  3. Customers pay the service charges and other fees。
  4. Eden education after receipt of payment,Guide prospective customers bid School Information;
  5. College admissions application;
  6. After obtaining a letter of admission,Eden guide customers to pay tuition and education enrollment confirmation;
  7. Ready to guide customers to apply for visa information;
  8. apply for visa;
  9. Eligible for a sign,Eden educational guidance to prepare the client before the trip;

International Student management services for the process

  1. Customer Advisory educational consultant Eden or our education agency;
  2. Give us your confirmation parents signed;
  3. Customers pay fees,Submit remittance voucher,Please fill in the remittance postscript student names Pinyin;
  4. Eden education after receipt of payment,Guardian guardianship arrangements apply notarized statement (guardian Party);
  5. Submit guardianship notarized statement (guardian Party) copies to the customer、Photocopy of proof of guardianship; And guardianship notarized statement (guardians square) the original delivery to the customer;
  6. Customers need to apply for guardianship in China notarized statement (parent side),Education consultant education and to submit photocopies of Eden;
  7. Customer support side and the guardian guardianship original notarized parental side handle visa;
  8. After the start of service,Eden provides education services。

Care Trust Agreement
Please ask for "Guardianship Agreement" to Eden Education,Or contact with our agents Request。

Eden private schools Study Tour camp for the process

  1. Customers can submit an application via the "Apply online" mode;
  2. Eden education will contact the customer as soon as possible,Answer questions,Guide customers to fill out the necessary documents;
  3. Customer Study Tour operators pay the registration fee、Visa fee;
  4. Eden educational guidance by customer business visa materials Study Tour;
  5. Customers pay the camp fee Study Tour;
  6. Eden education agent customers to submit visa applications;
  7. Eligible for a sign,Eden Education study tour guide customers to do business Before You Go;
  8. After customers arrive in Canada,Eden Education Canada Headquarters arrange full-time staff Reception;
  9. Start Eden Canadian education professionals lead customers Headquarters Battalion study tour itinerary;
  10. Before the end of the trip,Eden arrangements for education professionals choose one school counseling;
  11. Depart for home customers。