International Student Management Services

Eden EducationCanadian International Student Management Services

Eden providing good education management services for international students,We pay attention to every detail service,Under the premise of protecting the interests of customers,Try to improve the students 'and their families' satisfaction。Over the years by customers praise。

  • International students registered in the filing Eden education system,Eden education will be tracking student learning outside of transaction management。
  • Students' families will receive EGI Cloud online system user name and password。
  • Parents can visit EGI Cloud online system,Real-time query students' academic progress at each stage、School notice、Results Report、Student Services Report、Holiday arrangements necessary information。
  • After obtaining a visa to leave the country before,Eden education receive exclusive edit Freshmen Guide
  • After obtaining a visa to leave the country before,Eden family education to help students arrange international travel and airport transfer。
  • Provided to the student、Parents of students、School Management Office、School warden (boarding) 、Lodging parents (homestay) Effective Information:

Daily affairs:Guardian 5 x 8 hours of the day calls、e-mail;
Eden Education Management Headquarters 5 x 8 hours of the day calls、e-mail;
Emergency Services:Guardian night emergency calls,Eden Education Management Headquarters night emergency calls;

  • Provided through guardianship notarized statement (notary fees、Courier fees extra)
  • Parents signed on behalf of students all kinds of school activities、License consents school trip;
  • 代表学生父母参加家长会,1 times per year,Providing parents interviewed report;
  • Monthly communication with students,Learn their learning、Recent life;
  • Monthly International School tutor、Boarding school warden or parents to communicate,Understand the students' performance in school;
  • Each semester a student to the school visit;
  • Report card comments Translation 2-4 times a year (depending on the school report card issuance time);
  • Free pick-up every year、Get machine each time;
  • Each year unlimited arrange chauffeur airport transfers (pick-up fee themselves);
  • Annual report issued by Student Services;