Advantage International Student Management Services

Eden International Student Management Service Advantage

按照加拿大法律的一项规定,未成年人在加拿大读书必须有法定监护人,The document will also become a student apply for Canadian student visa indispensable document。Eden Education,As the industry's professional quality private schools authorized by the Canadian global recruitment agency,结合多年来的监护经验,We can make every effort to protect the health of students and academic progress during studying。

与学校提供的监护相比,Service Advantage Eden guardianship:

Bilingual communication

中英文双语服务,可以更好的协助家长与学校沟通,More accurate information will be conveyed to the school students and parents。Especially the emergence of the students for breaking school rules、Emergency medical condition、Emergency or under the Immigration Legal Services,Coordination between parents and schools or third-party communication process。

Familiar with China and North America bilateral cultural

International Student Management anthropogenic lived in North America for many years Chinese,Familiar with Chinese culture,Both can be reached smoothly in daily communication or mutual understanding on。The absolute advantage can be easy to manage people to quickly find an entry point to solve the problem,Early and reasonable solution to the problem encountered by the student or parent。

Multi-Service Case、Experience

Eden for many years focused on education management services for international students,Learn more in North America and features high-quality private school education system。Over the years,Regulated by Eden education students more than 300 or more,Parents participate each year on behalf of over 100 parents。Eden International Student Education Management Case more、Disposal of experience,Wide range of professional services are highly valued and many parents of school management。

Fast response、Timely treatment

Eden education distributed in Toronto, Canada、Chicago、Beijing China、Each business team in Wuhan, China,It has formed inside a closely、Echoing the service system,Quick response from clients、Demand-side institutions,Timely communication and coordination to solve the problems of burst,Effective regulation of international student affairs。