Frequently Asked Questions

Eden Care FAQs

  • Eden education services to provide professional care from when? How many students per year service Case?

Eden education starting in 2009 to provide custody services for students,From the beginning of more than a dozen cases per year,Hundreds of cases of the current year。历年间,By performing students custody business,He has accumulated a wealth of professional experience guardianship,He was partner institutions、Praise the student's family。

  • Guardians of Eden education are what kind of person? Can a serious and responsible it?

Through years of accumulation,Guardianship Services Eden education system has been maturing,Therefore, in the selection of a guardian, there are many unique。Education selected Eden guardian possess Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status,在加拿大学习或生活多年,具备丰富的加拿大生活阅历,Serious and responsible behavior。Simultaneously,我们的监护人与学生家庭拥有相同的文化背景,无论是在语言沟通上,Or on matters of mutual understanding can be a good solubility。In addition to,伊甸教育的监护管理团队作为我们监护人的业务后盾,Perennial provide operational support,Regular training and sharing of Guardianship Case,We will assist in monitoring the transaction if necessary to solve tough problems encountered。

  • Guardianship Services Eden Are there short-term education,The service period of less than six months?

Eden guardianship usually one year period,This makes it easy to work our guardian,But also to facilitate business management。in special cases,Eden education will provide half of the Guardianship Services,Case interviews need。If you have this need,请与我们联系。

  • I live in China,Children are undergoing study abroad,Will care if the choice of Eden,How to apply?
  1. Customer Advisory educational consultant Eden or our education agency;
  2. Give us your confirmation parents signed;
  3. Customers pay fees,Submit remittance voucher,Please fill in the remittance postscript student names Pinyin;
  4. Eden education after receipt of payment,Guardian guardianship arrangements apply notarized statement (guardian Party);
  5. Submit guardianship notarized statement (guardian Party) copies to the customer、Photocopy of proof of guardianship; And guardianship notarized statement (guardians square) the original delivery to the customer;
  6. Customers need to apply for guardianship in China notarized statement (parent side),Education consultant education and to submit photocopies of Eden;
  7. Customer support side and the guardian guardianship original notarized parental side handle visa;
  8. After the start of service,Eden provides education services。