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As a rational choice of investment in education,Chinese parents are sending their children to study abroad,The intention is for the child to open up a channel to pursue a broader quality learning and development opportunities。However, because of the distance and often lax monitoring and management,That educational outcomes are less than ideal。In recent years,North America has become China's young students preferred destinations,,More and more students began the influx of North American study abroad course,International Student attendant problems are more prominent。

Eden Education International Student Management Service began in 2008,After eight years of experience in exploration and hone Case,We have formed a set of characteristics of Eden,And complete and effective student management system。The spirit of the students and their families in good faith the principle of responsibility,We pay attention to every detail service,Is committed to providing comprehensive for each of the students came to study in North America、perfect、Attentive service:

  • Before the line is extremely targeted training;
  • EGI Cloud online system for tracking academic progress and service schedule;
  • 7X24 comprehensive student management services;
  • Architecture student、家长、SCHOOL、Core bond between the host family quartet;
  • Emergency filing and priority;

To pave the way foreign school road,Eliminating the worries of parents,So that students have enough energy and positive attitude to face the challenges of academic,This is the purpose of Eden International Student Education Management Services。We hope to accompany you to open a wonderful trip abroad!

What is a guardian?

Guardian is officially designated by the parents, another adult,Live within a reasonable distance of the school,And agreed to protect various interests your child in school during。

What guardian you can do?

Guardian for your child's safety while away from home and happiness plays an important role,You can reduce your worry。In addition to the signing of a declaration of guardianship for the purposes other than Visa,Also includes the role of guardian:

  • In case of emergency help for your child;

  • As a liaison between parents and the school;

  • Give your child traveling in off-campus study permit;

  • Assist in the study permit extension、Short stay visa extension;

  • During the holidays、School closed during the、Child during illness,Responsible for assisting the arrangement and take care of your children;

  • If your child is experiencing difficulty in school (learning or other aspects),Provide guidance to children;

  • 代表学生父母参加家长会。

Guardian does not bear what responsibilities?

Guardian is not responsible for the financial aspects of student。

Who can become a guardian?

Guardians must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents,21 years of age,Fluent in English,Live at a distance within the range of reasonable school,And willing to carry out these duties。

Why should I appoint a guardian for the child?

According to the provisions of the Government of Canada,If parents do not live in the provinces of their children's school,Any minor students are required to have a guardian。The guardian contact between both schools and parents,Actual custodian in Canada, also a student residence during。

Minors age limit prescribed in Canada

Canadian provinces of minors age limit varies,The following table:

Canadian province/area






监护关系声明书 Custodianship Declaration

监护关系声明书是加拿大公民与移民部要求提供的文件,Before that confirm its importance in Canada studying parents and guardians of minor students the transfer of guardianship。The statement signed document in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada,It means the temporary custody of the children from the parents temporarily transferred to the selected guardians。Before the children arrive in Canada,Guardians and both parents must be notarized statement。Please note,在伊甸教育的文件中,监管人(Custodian)被称为监护人(Guardian) ,Regulatory relations (Custodianship) is referred to as guardianship (Guardianship)。


作为学生的监护人,Parents may represent for students to sign a consent form、School extracurricular travel permits and health form。


Scheduling ward of students and their families should be long on weekends and holidays guardian informed in advance。During long weekends and holidays,学校宿舍关闭的情况下,监护人应协助家长照料孩子,假如他们不打算回到自己国家,We should help children find temporary short-term host families。


Guardian may sign documents on behalf of the parents in any health care center。In the case of the child's parents can not come to the scene,Guardian to make decisions for children,Provide the necessary support,And allow health care professionals to sick children appropriate medical treatment。此外,Hospitals and health care facilities will require parents to sign a guardian on behalf of child,And in some cases require notarized documents as proof of guardianship。

Emergency Immigration

Guardians can help traveling at the airport by immigration officials detained students。We need to carry a notarized statement of guardianship,Presented to customs officials at the airport,In order to solve problems,Students released。

Emergency everyday situations

When students leave campus,In case of emergency,Guardian for your child 24-hour assistance。

Suspension or expulsion cases

If a student is suspended or expelled from school by the handle,Schools will notify parents and guardians of the students immediately,So that guardians can quickly make arrangements,With the school to deal with this situation。Guardian will arrange the necessary transport and short-term place to live,Until students return home or school until the。

Legal Issues

As guardian,Could provide assistance to students in Canada's legal problems。If parents can not reach,Detained in Canada、Students prosecution or arrest,Only in the care of a guardian in order to be released。Students accused of a criminal offense,Only release the child to be responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations of the police and the courts guardian。