professional team

Mr. Zhang Juntao (Rocky Zhang)

Mr. Zhang Juntao after the late 1990s, China to settle abroad and studying market earlier practitioners,Since 1998 engaged settle abroad and overseas study service has been nearly 20 years,It is recognized by industry professionals。时至今日,Mr. Zhang Juntao personally make arrangements for the success stories far more than million,Extremely rich business experience。

2006Years ago,Mr. Zhang Juntao worked at that time were very large Chinese immigrant service agencies and service organizations abroad,Starting from the grassroots served as consultant、Consulting Manager、市场总监、National Centre in charge of persons responsible for key positions,He led the 15 core cities of more than 300 branch office business team。Eight years ago to study in the service industry in China started in the early,Mr. Zhang Juntao carefully cultivated a large number of consultants and business elite,Many of them have grown into the current Chinese study service agencies around the main backbone or responsible persons。

2006Years later,Mr. Zhang Juntao immigrants to settle in Canada,And in 2008 he created a focus on North American high school education project of Eden,In the same year, and the high-quality educational resources to private schools in North America to China,North America has created excellent opportunities for further studies into the school's outstanding students。历年间,In order to allow more students to benefit families,Mr. Zhang Juntao tirelessly year round in both Canada and China,Visited many major Chinese cities,Trained a batch after batch of study service agencies Consultants,Met with outstanding students home another batch,And presided over dozens of on-site interviews enrollment activities。Data to prove,After Mr. Zhang Juntao personally interview and review of student counseling,90%Above to obtain admission favorite private schools。时至今日,It has accumulated more than 500 students enrolled in private schools in North America,More than 20 percent of high school students have been admitted to the world's prestigious universities to continue their studies。

As a practitioner with nearly 20 years of industry background study,Mr. Zhang Juntao led the staff has been firmly pursuing two basic principles:Do professional consultants、VIP customer-oriented service。Years of experience,As well as exploration of the profound and innovative interpretation of the North American private schools,Achievements of our team's professionalism;A lot of manpower and material resources,As well as the spirit of the student's family is always a consideration of early heart,The achievements of the quality of service of our team。

Miss Wan Hao (Helen Wan)
vice president、Eden, general manager of Wuhan

Miss Wan Hao is mainly responsible for the overall operation of Eden education business in Greater China,Including admissions and marketing operations、International cooperation and business development。Miss Wan Hao engaged in studying business often become familiar with the features and selection criteria for the admission of various quality private schools,Good at rational assist parents school choice based on student characteristics。Miss Wan Hao has served as a permanent Australia and China Group chief interpreter、A well-known human resources company in Singapore, Asia Pacific Leader,He has many years overseas working background,Overseas Education has engaged in exchange of,The vice president of education and Eden Eden, general manager of Wuhan。