China Office

Eden education office in Wuhan, China

为了服务于我们在亚太区的客户,伊甸教育在中国武汉市设立了亚太区总部办公室,Provided enrollment and market centers、Application and Admission Center、Multiple service department customer service centers。

Eden was established in the Office of Education in China Merchants Bank branch in Wuhan in the office。Merchants Bank Building is situated in Wuhan financial district,Nearby Construction Bank、Minsheng Bank、Bank of Communications、CITIC Bank and other major financial institutions,US Consulate General in Wuhan、Consulate General of France in Wuhan、South Korean Consulate General in Wuhan、British Consulate General in Wuhan and other foreign institutions,And the International Conference Center、New World Trade Tower and other large commercial facilities。

地址:China Wuhan, Hubei Province Hankou Road, Room 2111, No. 518 Merchants Bank Building,邮编430022