About Us

Welcome to Eden Education,We are delighted to introduce you,Eden and education abroad private school enrollment is mainly financed Services。

Eden Education Group is a provider of quality private schools for international students to apply for admission and K12 families in the field of education、Pre-authorized interview、Pei Jing enhance the quality of courses、International students studying abroad chain management services integrated professional services provider。

The company's core management team to focus K12 education overseas for more than 20 years of service,After continuous business practices and operations management,Shen admitted in quality private schools、Pre-authorized interview、Enhance the quality of background、Overseas students in areas such as management services possess specialized technical skills and deep business experience。After a long train,The company has a young、专业、Passionate、Stable high-quality management team,Overall operational capacity has been further increased。

After long-term accumulation of business,The company has built a headquarters for international students to Toronto management services in North America we rely on students,Wuhan Branch to provide quality private schools for Chinese students to apply recorded family-centered、Enhance the quality of overseas study background chain integration services network。

In the personalized service as the core of the market, driven by demand,Eden education has hatched before any quality private schools admissions officers and industry experts as the leading quality private training courses to enhance the quality of background,Parent-child visits and study tours camp designed specifically for the North American study quality private schools and specially designed。Project launched,That is very popular in the market,It laid a solid foundation for the students' families targeted study abroad program。

After a decade of deep plowing of doing,Eden education gained very good reputation in North America K12 education sector。More than one hundred North American quality private schools and companies to establish a long-term relationship to deepen cooperation,On the one hand Eden commissioned education as an agency to recruit excellent students in Greater China K12,And to provide comprehensive guidance services prior to school entry。On the other hand Eden commissioned to provide education management services for international students already enrolled students,Send professionals served as the legal guardian,Proper development and growth of secondary students during the school year。

As the industry's outstanding K12 Education Study Abroad chain integration service provider,With rich experience profound knowledge,Eden education have trusted the ability to provide more valuable solutions for education students' families,Maximizing return on investment to enhance education。

We believe in a motto "change the future of education.",Please work with us hand in hand!

Rocky Zhang