2016How over the summer? Canadian private schools to learn to swim!

2016How over the summer? Canadian private schools to learn to swim!

在日益竞争的时代,The key is to determine the success or failure often well prepared the。与此同时,在人生诸多的十字路口,如何选择和迈好第一步,And whether it adequately prepared closely linked。望子成龙,这是每个家庭的愿望!不少家长希望让子女利用暑假时间去体验下加拿大文化,Increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons;Some parents plan to send their children to attend private schools in Canada,But I would like to give children a chance to advance understanding of the advantages and characteristics of different private schools,Find their own true that the。Canadian private schools Summer Study Tour Camp Eden education is precisely this need to be designed。


游学营秉承加拿大夏令营协会“丰富人生,创建未来(Enriching the lives of children, youth and families one camp at a time)”的使命与箴言,To visit more than century-old Canadian private schools as the main body、To experience the charm of living in the Toronto area, Ontario charming as the basis、To visit the famous cultural city in North America、Monuments embellishment,Bring real valuable study tour trip as a reference camp students。

Study Tour professionals throughout the camp sent by Eden, accompanied by Education,Presentation and explain the characteristics of each school is different,当你眼花缭乱时,听听我们的分析,Give professional advice and opinions to choose the school for admission。Simultaneously,为了舒缓旅途的劳累和增加体验的舒适度,游学营全程安排入住四星级酒店,Passenger traffic travel large bus air-conditioned car。


启程出发,On the same day they arrive in Canada;
Convertible car ride sightseeing tour of downtown Toronto;
Boarded a plan view of the CN Tower in downtown Toronto 360 degree panorama (the world's fifth tallest free-standing building,Toronto landmark);
Visit the Royal Ontario Museum (fifth largest museum in North America and Canada World Cultural and Natural History Museum);
Visit the famous Casa Loma (built in the early 20th century,仿中世纪的城堡);
Visit 174-year-old Pickering College;Play Toronto Zoo;
Visit the 159-year-old Albert College;Canada play the famous Lake Scenic Area;
Access Epps than 105-year-old college;Visit the famous Canadian Science Center in Ontario;
Visit 115-year-old College Hill Field;Play Canada Ripley Aquarium;
Visit 127-year-old Ridley College;Play the world-famous Niagara Falls attractions;
Private schools-one expert advice, personalized school choice;
Depart for home;


12-18 岁

Study Tour operating expenses:5000加元

  • Full buffet breakfast and four-star hotels;

  • Full luxury bus air-conditioned car;

  • Comprehensive daily nutritional lunch and dinner;

  • Attractions and sightseeing tickets;

  • Study Tour camp special T-shirt;

  • Insured amount CAD $ 50,000 for temporary health insurance;