Because the potential profit guidance,Aspiration to achieve high quality student support

Because the potential profit guidance,Aspiration to achieve high quality student support

  • Full name:Liu students
  • Taking institutions:布兰克森霍尔学校(Branksome Hall)
  • Institution:A key middle school in Xinjiang
  • GPA:92%
  • SSAT:2100

Case Studies:


刘同学和家人初次咨询伊甸教育招生官员的时候,对于加拿大的中学和教育制度了解甚少,很多掌握的信息完全来自于网络搜索所得,So between public schools and private schools swing。After in-depth and she and her family contact,We learned that Liu students:Domestic provincial key secondary grade students in reading,在学校成绩优异,爱好广泛,Have a strong entrepreneurial spirit。Rich household income,Parents hope that in the future she can enroll in prestigious universities in Canada or the United States。

考虑到学生的质量和家庭背景,Liu students are encouraged to apply for Ontario School for Girls Britney Erickson Hall School (Branksome Hall)。For this proposal,刘同学一半欣喜,Half worried。She was pleased that we saw her competitiveness,We encouraged her to apply for such a fine school;But when she learned the difficulty of admission,They worry that they can not successfully get admission。

在我们的预先规划下,学生在11月份提交了申请,And enrolled in the SSAT。1In the month when students learn SSAT test out the high score of 2100,我们知道,This case is far from the success。Next we make an appointment with the school a telephone interview Liu students,And in order to do a thorough interview counseling twice。really,刘同学不负众望,面试效果非常好,Praise the school's interviewer。3Early,克森霍尔学校(Branksome Hall)的录取通知Offer如期而至!


Introduction to College:


布兰克森霍尔学校(Branksome Hall)成立于1903年,It is a centuries-old religious factions and no school for girls,It is one of Canada's leading girls' schools。Campus is located in the luxury residential area of ​​downtown Toronto Rose Valley,总面积13英亩,毗邻大面积森林,Quiet and beautiful surroundings。A total of 12 school buildings,除了教学楼以外,还有三栋学生宿舍楼,游泳池,Tennis courts。

该校师资力量雄厚,120名教师中,大多数教师是研究生以上文凭,There are many teachers experience teaching overseas。Brian Erickson Hall School (Branksome Hall) is the only one in Canada to provide a complete International Baccalaureate (IB) Girls School Curriculum。In addition to the IB curriculum,The school also above the sixth grade students in French courses。艺术,Business and science graduates most welcome。Queen's University in Canada,多伦多大学,麦吉尔大学和西安大略大学等知名大学倍受毕业生青睐,There are also many students choose to go to the United States and Britain to continue their education in the world elite。


Featured Schools:

  • 创办于1903年,One of the famous girls' school in Canada。
  • Canada's only an all-year use IB teaching in girls' schools。
  • 毕业生大学升学率100%。
  • 小班教学,师生比1:7。
  • 校园位于多伦多市中心豪宅区,不仅交通便利,Safety and quiet。