US private schools Fairfax school principals and education admissions officers invited to visit Eden Beijing Office

US private schools Fairfax school principals and education admissions officers invited to visit Eden Beijing Office

2016-03-16 伊甸教育EGI

2016On March 13,US private schools admissions officer and president Fairfax invited to come to Eden Education Beijing Office。

Eden American project leader Hou cool Sherry warmly received school and school enrollment in China for the exchange。

First admissions officer Joseph us detailed descriptions of the situation of the school:

Fairfax attaches great importance to the financial and economics,School doors opened more than 20 AP courses and honors courses,We want students to become business leaders or entrepreneurial talent。


In addition to,School also attaches great importance to comprehensive development of students,It opened more art courses,Such as painting、雕塑、Performance、Design, etc.。


The school has a good reputation in the local,Many American politicians、Local celebrities and athletes are in school children go to school。

Including former Sen. Evan Bayh、US Congress, Mr Robert Latta, etc.。

The school has a very strict system of ESL courses for international students,According to statistics consecutive four-year student studying in Fairfax SAT average of up to 1900 points。

Boy+at+board (1)

School special arrangements for more than 20 school buses,Provide door to door pick-up service,Safety。


In addition to,The school has a good location,Washington D.C drive just 30 minutes from,Dulls International Airport is a 10-minute drive from。

In order for students to create a better learning environment,Fairfax is building a new campus,Plan put into use in 2017。



After hearing Joseph's presentation,Tong Shi Eden Chinese parents in Beijing on issues of greatest concern to ask questions,School principals and admissions officers do a very detailed answer。

Simultaneously,Eden American project leader Hou Shuang Sherry school authorities also introduced the basic situation of the company as well as outside services for students,And solicit views on future cooperation and development。

Joseph Eden for overseas service highly recognized education,For the depth of cooperation in the future with confidence。

After the talks,Eden American education and the school director Sherry posed for pictures and gifts。

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