Tour persistent application of the Canadian private boys school

Tour persistent application of the Canadian private boys school

  • Full name:Lee students
  • Taking institutions:St. Andrew’s College
  • Institution:A key middle school in Beijing
  • GPA:82%
  • Victoria gram interview scores:3.9
  • SSAT: 1812
  • TOEFL Junior: 805

Case Studies:

学生目前在北京某重点中学8年级就读,该生在国内的成绩不属于特别拔尖,平均GPA只有82%,但是该生性格外向乐观,英语口语比较优秀,而且喜欢参加课外体育活动比如足球,He played a key role in post-school teacher with a face to face interview。It is worth mentioning that,学生在参加完“Concord College”的夏令营活动后,夏令营证书中4位老师均给与李同学非常高的评价,表述其英语表达流畅,为人谦谦有礼,积极参加并配合老师的各项活动,Even One teacher said Lee students is the best student in his seven summer camp activities have talked。These elaborate enough in today's society we do not only score of the first advocates to measure a child,要全面培养,Do not only focus on test scores。

了解沟通中得知,I admire all parents and students in private schools SAC,除首选学校外,Lee students also apply for the other three private schools Ridley College, St. Michaels University School和Shawnigan Lake College,均获得了offer,The three admission notice also demonstrated excellent performance from the side of Lee students。

圣安德鲁学院对于生源的高标准高要求我们也是有所耳闻的,所以一开始了解到学生的语言成绩后就有跟家长建议,学生还需要再次参加SSAT及TOEFL Jr.考试,因为现有的语言成绩达不到SAC校方要求,This was demonstrated in the first-generation college students with SAC in an interview in Beijing。Lee told the students in the school on behalf of the interview in Beijing,对学生各方面比较满意也期待其加入SAC大家庭,但是学生语言成绩有待提高,Hope its next test out better results。But first things to backfire,也许是压力太大,李同学在接下来的两项考试中均没有突破现有的成绩,But no previous high scores。under these circumstances,得知校方即将在香港出差,我们又跟SAC校代反复沟通安排李同学在香港的二次面试,也许是被李同学的倔强执着及诚意打动,也许是考虑到学生各项综合能力评估都很优秀,最终学生在香港的面试中当场被告知,李同学被SAC录取了!


Introduction to College:

St. Andrew’s College成立于1899年,学校坐落在加拿大安大略省Aurora市,As a private boarding school for boys。学校提供5-12年级课程,全校共有713名学生,其中358名走读生,256The name comes from the 35 countries of the international boarders。The school occupies a total area of ​​110 acres,Total, including four boarders dormitory、Student restaurant、7Standard sports venues、4A gym、6International squash、Two multi-purpose hall、Strength Training Hall、Indoor swimming pool、2 outdoor skating rink、Climbing wall, etc., 17 buildings and teaching facilities。与此同时,学校早在2002年起开始将智能化教学引入到日常教学中,现如今为很多学校效仿的对象,It became one of the few schools teaching the advanced smart Canada

Featured Schools:

St. Andrew’s CollegeFocus on academic achievement、The development of sports activities and student leadership。69% of graduates with an average score higher than 80% of Ontario to get a scholarship every year,100%Graduates get an average of 5 parts admission notice major institutions in North America。From the start of school school talent,Canadian politicians、Business circles、The art world has trained many talents,These include:Now Thomas Hockin executive director of the International Monetary Fund、Former Ontario Premier Frank Miller、Before the House of Commons of Canada, Mr Thomas Conssitt etc.。