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Map with the truth - Canada's top private schools aristocratic boarding data analysis,zh-CN

2016-06-16 伊甸教育EGI

Security than the United States,Than modern Europe,Higher than the cost in Europe and America,Canada is increasingly becoming one of the preferred destinations for Chinese high school students。As a Canadian private school students planning to focus on education of Eden,Canada will provide you details of all the private boarding school,Help Do you have a comprehensive understanding of。

According to boarding school league,Canada has 26 full-quality boarding school,But these schools are mainly located where? How should we look at the characteristics of these schools? These schools have a number of how many students? These schools are generally annual enrollment number? About how to recruit Chinese students each year? This article will use the detailed chart for you to give clear answers。

1、Canada each province What are the main high-quality boarding private school?

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A total of 26 Canadian boarding private,Shown in these schools share in various provinces in proportion as Figure 1。From this figure,We can see that,More than half of the boarding school in Ontario。

among them,For a detailed list aristocracy boarding private schools in each province of the table below。

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2、Canada's leading men boarding schools and girls' schools have?

Canadian boarding school students according to the school is divided into three categories of gender composition,They were mixed school for boys and girls、Men's schools and girls' schools。Each type of school respectively in the table below。

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3、Canada's leading boarding school students how to scale?

Students in the scale is very important for student learning and campus life experience。Generally,If the larger scale of students,The project will learn more、The more extra-curricular activities、School community will be more,External resources schools can also get some more。Like some schools,Throughout high school less than a hundred people,That means that the average number of students in each grade in the 25 or so basic,The number of students a little less than normal relative。因此,When choosing a boarding school,Students must take into account the size of this factor in school。

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In all students in school,As a boarding school,There are two types of student body,Also known as boarders(boarder)And day students(day-student);Both suitable ratio is very important for the students。International students are generally boarders,They can communicate through the exchange of non-resident students and local,To better integrate into the local community。Many schools will arrange for local students and boarders twinning,on the one hand,During the school day students can,To rest in the hostel boarders exchange;Simultaneously,On weekends or holidays so that boarders the family to live in non-resident students,Let them have a good understanding of the local culture of Canadian families。But boarders ratio is too high,Students are relatively few range of activities will be closed,Communication objects will be less。

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4、The main boarding school in general how many international students are enrolled each year?

Different schools have different admissions policies,But usually the ratio of students and international students International students make provisions in a single country。The following table shows the number of international students in all schools。

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5、Aristocratic boarding school students after graduation are those in which college student?

US high school is not the same,L Canadian universities do not need a uniform SAT scores,因此,Canadian boarding school there are few authoritative rankings。But each boarding school student case studies,We can provide some reference for parents。It is these schools in the last five years the number of university graduates rose statistics;Chinese parents seek prestigious complex with different,Canada will consider local household tuition、And family near and far、Future work and other students circle,Those good students do not necessarily choose the Ivy League school,And they tend to choose their own school。

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