Canadian private schools visited Eden Hill Field School HSC education Beijing Office

[Congratulations] Springfield College Hill High School HSC visit Eden Canada Education Beijing Office

2015-11-06 伊甸教育EGI


11月5日如期而至,应伊甸教育邀请,Canada Hill High School Field School HSC visit Eden Education Beijing Office。Visiting a school official in charge of international affairs, admissions and Ms. Heath-Johnston High School teacher Ms. Yarndley、3In the name of Ms. Lee read parents and guardians senior Anke,Eden Education CEO Rocky warm welcome。

自2012年开启国际学生项目以来,Hill Field Middle School and Eden College of Canada in the Canada education cooperation enrollment has been in operation for three years。Eden is currently sending batches of Education has seven outstanding Chinese students enrolled in the school,分别就读高中部的9-12年级,其中4名学生由伊甸教育监护,Overall supervision of students' growth。

本次活动,伊甸教育安排了一名优秀学生和家长与校方见面交流,Site arrangements and English tests and interviews。Home school students to play the latest recorded video,详细讲解了学校的特点与课程,Yarndley老师为学生做了测评,并对学生的面试结果表示满意,Welcome this young man to enroll early Springfield College Hill。




活动结束后,Head of International Admissions affairs Ms. Heath-Johnston、High School Teacher Ms. Yarndley,Education and president of Rocky Eden posed for pictures。

希尔菲尔德学院(Hillfield Strathallan College)介绍







All applicants need to provide IELTS caught、TOEFL or Pearson scores。China to attend the school in November and well-behaved student interview,
Schools may exempt from IELTS / TOEFL requirements for direct participation in school Niece。


申请费:350加元、International student tuition:28,081加元


Currently the school has kindergarten through grade 12 total 1,200 full-time students。School consists of four departments,They are:

蒙特梭利学前部(该部门采用全球最先进的蒙特梭利教学法,Specifically for preschool children 3 years old to 6 years old。The teaching model is distributed in the world's most famous pre-school institutions employed 20,000);

Primary School:SK-4年级

初中部:5-8A total of 320 school students

High School。9-12A total of 450 school students。

  • 毕业生大学升学率100%,80%Ontario graduates get scholarships;
  • 从9年级开始,To provide students with professional guidance of one academic;
  • Offer AP courses、ESL courses;
  • Providing SAT、PSAT test counseling;
  • It offers a unique music、戏剧、视觉艺术、Art Design、Mechanical Design、3D computer design、Multimedia Design courses;
  • 课外活动上传统与创新并存,如HSC俱乐部知识问答,HSC国际电影节,Manhattan Club Association, etc.;
  • 学校引入议院机制,学校共分为四个议院,由黄,橙,红,蓝代表,各议院在友好的基础上竞争,加强团队建设,Improve Students' Ability;
  • The school has a dozen students to the school bus every morning and evening shuttle;
  • 学校提供营养丰富、Choose a variety of lunch;
  • 学校名流辈出,In Canada, the industry play an important role。



soccer、篮球、rowing、shooting、摔跤、羽毛球、冰球、Cross-Country跑、游泳、戏剧、音乐、视觉艺术、Mechanical Design、Building fire、Computer Design、3D设计、multi-media design

加拿大大学 University of Western Ontario, McMaster University, University of Toronto, Queen’s University, University of Waterloo, University of Ottawa, Brock University, University of Guelph, Ontario College of Art and Design, Trent University, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Wilfrid Laurier University, Dalhousie University, McGill University, Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia
美国大学 Harvard University, University of California/Los Angeles, University of Pennsylvania, Temple University

Korea University


HSC位于汉密尔顿市,加拿大第一大工业城市,安省第二大城市,距离多伦多一个多小时的车程,市内小溪潺潺,瀑布壮观,视野开阔,A unique landscape。Near major schools,如麦克马斯特大学,多伦多大学等知名学府,学术氛围浓郁,Very conducive to learning。