North American private school students departure cum Parents Association–伊甸教育邀请函

North American private school students departure cum Parents Association–伊甸教育邀请函

2016-07-16 伊甸教育EGI

7月,But also to the students who are ready to pack up and bid farewell to his hometown to study abroad season。

North America is about to go into private schools to read to students and parents,你们对于


North American private schools to report whether the process understand?


Do you have to carry the full document preparation?

Enrollment into the school with the teacher how to communicate further rationalize the course?

North American private schools which can not defy mandatory requirements must be performed?

Parents how to read the message sent by the school?

What needs the tools to coordinate matters relating to school ......


If your answer to these questions are still in doubt,Then we invite you to -Eden education EGI will be July 23, 2016 14:00-18:00Long Dream Hotel in Shanghai Jing Yang Hall, 5th Floor;7January 3014:00-18:00In the East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Jian Wai SOHO West Building Room 260 5172016 Eden were held North American private school students leave education EGI cum Parents Association。

Then,Eden, president of Education、Study abroad industry professionals Mr. Zhang Juntao (Rocky) will lead the participants of the parents interact。Private schools operating mechanism introduced in North America、Teaching System、Academic Evaluation System、Teachers - Parents will be interviewed、Student Guardianship Services Information Feedback、How to quickly integrate into the topic of interest to the North American system of private schools and circles, and many parents。此外,We also invited private school graduates or high school students in reading and parents live interaction,Share experiences。

Organizers:Eden Education Group EGI

Activities form

  1. Eden theme of education lecture exchange,Eden by the CEO of Education、Professionals Mr. Zhang Juntao (Rocky) Speaker。
  2. Participants focused on parents with questions and answers time Rocky。
  3. Reading or graduates high school students interact with parents、Share experiences。
  4. 参会学生家长一对一问答咨询时间(可以现场进行,如讲座第二日需提前预约,Each family is not more than 1 hour)。







The participating students and parents to participate in free

Mr. Zhang Juntao (Rocky) Speaker contents:

  1. Ten Tips to read private schools in North America,Interpretation of the plurality of directions from the characteristics of private schools。
  2. Detailed private school education system、teaching method、Academic Evaluation System。
  3. Read transcripts of private schools,Let the parents go abroad for students after the performance of well aware。
  4. How to use a variety of teaching resources to enhance school achievement and school performance。
  5. 9-12年级如何选课?大学申报及专业如何选择?
  6. What guardians can do for parents and students? International students outside the management of private schools for students What are the benefits? How can parents of students with guardians can play a larger utility?
  7. Student problems (medical school、psychological、Physiology),How to properly handle the solution?
  8. Prospects in professional development and career planning in North America,Students settler and reunited with their parents resolve Details。
  9. Eden Pui Ching Education Projects (applications designed for students of private schools in North America and opened,To enhance the students' comprehensive competitiveness and adaptability,For students enrolled in private schools in North America and make full preparations。)

Parents or graduate students in reading experience sharing:

  1. 如何看待学生入校后的综合表现?与出国前体会到有哪些不同?
  2. 面对学生在心态上的诸多变化,家长如何适应和正确指导?
  3. How Eden Education、Guardians and school actively cooperate,帮助学生顺利成长?



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