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在加拿大生活的朋友都知道,加拿大有五大银行,They are the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)、Dominion Bank (TD)、加拿大丰业银行(Scotia Bank)、蒙特利尔 银行 (BMO)、Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)。

Canadian Banks

Office bank card must first choose the right bank,I will first introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the five major Canadian banks。

Which five Canadian banks and strong?

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Royal Bank of Canada was founded in 1869,Canada is the highest market capitalization、Largest bank assets,It is one of North America's leading diversified financial services companies。Globally,Royal Bank of Canada has about seven million employees,More than 30 countries have set up branches,To more than 14 million customers to provide various financial services。

The main advantages are the following:

1、Good service attitude,Almost without queuing。

2、RBC credit card for students who just landed approval is more relaxed,You will not get to the bottom arrived no credit history,Credit card services is,Each time the consumer will be SMS tips and bank verification,Safety。

3、Internet banking customers greatly facilitate the daily transactions and accounts Overview。

4、Chinese service can make an appointment。

The main disadvantages are the following:

1、Debit Card (debit) account time will give a temporary card,After about a month the card will be sent to you。

2、Students do not have a credit card cash back

Dominion Bank (TD)

道明加拿大信托银行前身是多伦多道明银行,One of the five major Canadian banks。Dominicans have a longer time than any other Canadian bank services。

The main advantages are the following:

1、Transfer speed;


3、ATM more;

4、Minimum deposit to open an account without;

5、There are credit cards and debit cards into one program;

6、There TD Aeroplan credit card,可以里程积分,Return ticket。

The main disadvantages are the following:

1、Advertising Telephone more,推销保险等

2、Service warm enough

3、Just landed the students can not handle credit card debt free

4、No domestic branches

加拿大丰业银行(Scotia Bank)

加拿大丰业银行是一家商业银行,在全球55个国家均有业务,按市值计算,It is the third largest bank in Canada。

The main advantages are the following:

1、In most branches of Chinese banks

2、Scene debit card and bank integration cooperation may also cinema Cineplex movie tickets

3、1% cash back credit cards

The main disadvantages are the following:

1、Compared with other banks,Branches less

2、Credit Card Type Single

蒙特利尔 银行 (BMO)

Bank of Montreal is Canada's fourth largest bank,Founded in 1817,It is the oldest bank in Canada,We have a total of more than 1,100 branches in Canada and around the world。

The main advantages are the following:

1、The only company SPC student discount credit card,In Canada there are more than 120 shops to buy things 10% --15% discount

2、The only company offering MasterCard bank,Students have some promotions

3、Students do not need to be a loan guarantor,More cost effective interest rate,You can accumulate credits

The disadvantage of Bank of MontrealAccount service is not too many features。

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce was founded in 1867,Canada is the fifth largest commercial bank。Banking business throughout the United States、The Caribbean、Asia-Pacific region and the UK。More than 41,941 employees worldwide,The act provides daily financial customers、Debit and credit、Financial advice and a series of financial and insurance services。

The main advantages are the following:

1、Branches more

2、It offers free service for students transaction accounts,可以无限次的转入和转出你的钱

3、There are e-transfer service

4、Aventura Canada Aeroplan credit card and accumulate airline miles cooperation

The main disadvantages are the following:

1、Students are required to re-register each year account

2、Hours not long,不同分行周末关门时间不同

3、Additional marketing


选择好银行之后,I began to do a bank card。Next, Xiao Bian gave you about Canadian bank account introduction and opening procedures。

Bank of Canada offers a variety of accounts。Personally need for,Is nothing more than two categories:Everyday life accounts and investment accounts。Speaking on currency,The most commonly used are the Canadian dollar and US dollar accounts。


  • 支票账户chequing account
  • 储蓄账户 savings account
  • 注册投资账户registered investment account
  • 非注册投资账户non-registered investment account

Bank of Canada accounts using real names。Account holders must present himself the specified documents。Opening documents include two categories:Class A and Class B。It needs to provide two documents to open an account,Wherein A is at least one class file。

A class file include:加拿大驾照(除魁北克省以外),加拿大护照,加拿大公民证,永久居民卡或移民纸,健康卡(除了安大略省,曼尼托巴省和PEI以外,在加拿大禁止银行复印上述三省的健康卡用于身份确认,魁北克省则禁止银行要求客户提供健康卡信息) ,工卡,Canadian birth certificate, etc.。

Class B includes file:加拿大支付协会会员的信用卡,员工身份卡,Foreign passport。

另外就是要提供私人资料,包括:full name,住址,Date of birth and telephone number 。If you're serving, then,还要提供雇主信息,包括:Name of the employer,地址,telephone number。

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银行账户可以是联名账户,For example, using a joint account couple。When account,应明确在该联名账户上开支票和处理有关该账户的授权事宜,For example, they both signed one signature is valid or effective。

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加拿大政府规定,如客户在连续24小时内累计存入一万加元以上的现钞,银行要进行大额现金交易报告,The move was intended to monitor money-laundering and illegal business dealings。Because cash society rarely used categories,Use checks are cheque、汇票money order,bank draft和转账等手段,Large amounts of cash is generally considered suspicious tendencies。


支票上印有开户行和地址,Name and address of the head of household、account number、Check Number,Leave blank comprises:date,数额(阿拉伯数字),数额(英文字),收票人名字,开票人签字,Remark。

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新开的支票账户银行往往会赠送一些,Because India had a chance to check。After the customer wants to order their own (order) checkbook,You can order from the bank。If you order from the bank,一般有两类支票,一类是single,50张,100张,200张等,还有一类是duplicate,Such spending should be more more。

Not a non-checking account by check can not be the。With the development of modern banking,付款手段越来越多,越来越方便,Almost all phones、TV、Water and electricity,信用卡等账单都可通过银行的付款服务缴纳,And unlike in the past, we need to cross check。

6、Bank card

在银行开支票或储蓄账户的时候,当场就拿到银行卡并选择密码,便可在自动柜员机(Automatic Banking Machine-ABM)上使用了,On savings accounts and checking accounts can operate。ATM is not a simple ATM,But mention、Deposit、Discover all right。

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有不少储蓄账户因为其利率高,通常不收月租费,所以银行规定,如果通过ABM办理业务免费,Through bank counter business is much higher than the yield checking account fees。

银行卡在本银行系统所有的柜员机上都免费使用,Even if you flee to other non-Bank city of。Also be used on other banks' machines,但要收一点小小的费用,Usually a dollar。and so,Avoid the use of bank cards in the ATMs of other banks。

银行卡不仅可在柜员机上使用,多数商场也接受它,作为割账卡,当时就把货款从你的账户上割走了,So called debit card。(note,This credit card is a difference。)


银行卡大多设有一日和一周的额度限制,例如,一天内用卡提款和花费总数不能超过$500,One week can not exceed $ 1500, etc.。This is the amount of your deposit amount does not matter,而是为了保护你,万一丢卡或被歹徒威逼,Will not lose too much。

如果发生银行卡被恶意盗用或冒用,应立即向发卡银行报告,如确认情况属实,Issuing banks will compensate for losses。

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