Public School

Canadian public education system

加拿大教育系统秉承了英国一贯的严谨风格,同时又兼备美国的多元化创新精神,It is one of the few in the world on several education system more complete、One of the higher level of education national,Education expenditure per capita among the highest in the world。

加拿大90%以上的中学实行公立制教育,Bear the full cost of government funding。Canada to study at reasonable cost,语言环境良好,所以越来越多的国际留学生,Will be targeted in Canada。

加拿大中学主要分为私立和公立两种,Each has its advantages。According to the delineation of authority at all levels of the Government of Canada,All primary and secondary schools by the provincial Department of Education oversees。The main responsibilities of the provincial Ministry of Education is to set educational programs,And in turn requires all grades set of required courses、Recommended elective courses,负责审议教育机构执照的核发,Operations supervise various primary and secondary education institutions meet the requirements of educational programs。

加拿大公立中小学承担着义务教育的使命,Teaching school level、Educational environment and the quality of teachers is relatively certain degree of protection。Some well-known private school with its flexible education model、高质量的教育水平、International student educational experience,以及知名大学高升学率等,Much favored by students from China。Students depending on the circumstances,Choose a real suitable own school。

加拿大公立中学学生数量规模大,课程设置较丰富,Facilities are more complete。Mainly due to enrollment for the local community,因此学生多为本地人,Exposure to which the international students easier integration into the local community in Canada。Canada's public high school for foreign students and local students alike in their studies,没有特殊照顾,故课程对留学生而言挑战性大,Diploma of higher gold content。Therefore,Canadian high school diploma is also widely recognized around the world。