Toronto School Board

Toronto School Board
Toronto District School Board

Toronto District School Board (Toronto District School Board) is Canada's larger Public Schools,Also among the top position in North America。The school is located in Toronto, which each community。These schools are students learning center,And also a variety of after-school class before the event。City a total of 550 schools,Provide high-quality primary and secondary education to 260,000 students。

TDSB sincerely welcome students from around the world enroll。Levels of schools have qualified teachers and tutors,Advanced level of academic、business、Science and Technology,And other special courses designed。The EDB also provide different levels of ESL courses for international students,Established for the purpose of this course is to encourage international students to quickly and successfully integrated into the curriculum of formal learning。

Department of Education's goal is to help each student reach higher achievement,And encourage them to get the necessary knowledge、Skills and values,To become the backbone of a democratic society。


9Grades and grade 10 course is divided into three categories:Academic、Application Class、General Category。All courses are based on teaching content grade 8 set,And there are strict standards。All courses are in high school students for study in preparation。

11Grade 12 and grade curriculum is based on students' future aspirations are divided into five categories:Job readiness、College preparatory、University / college preparation、University preparation、Normal subjects。


多伦多教育局大部分学校都有ESL课程,5 degree grading from A to E:To reach the E-Class is among the highest。ESL concurrently with other courses in high school,Are all credit courses。




  • 9-12年级 全学年 14,000加元

一学期 7,000加元

  • 1-8年级 全学年 12,500加元

一学期 6,250加元