Eden invited to visit the Canadian Women's private school education - Trafalgar Castle School

Eden invited to visit the Canadian Women's private school education - Trafalgar Castle School

2015-12-16 伊甸教育EGI

2015年12月14日,Eden CEO Rocky Education、Director of the international market by Canadian Ryan Girls School - Trafalgar Castle School invited the new president Dr. Foster talks to school。Dr. Foster talks to Eden sending high-quality education over the years students enrolled in the school spoke highly of and appreciation,充分肯定了伊甸教育在国际学生招生录取领域的杰出工作,While on school enrollment and exchanged views on the international market and the development strategy of the next five years students。Eden Rocky education president also introduced the company's new development projects (Pei Jing Project,预面试等),Dr. Foster to solicit opinions。

Dr. Foster has many years of experience in the field of private girls' school management and teaching,就任特拉法加城堡学校新任校长前,曾在多伦多知名女校St. Clement's School has long served as academic vice president positions。After listening to the president of Rocky Eden education after introduction,Eden prospects for the development of education, Dr. Foster gave a high degree of recognition。

Trafalgar Castle School, Ms. Cassidy admissions officers also participated in the talks。Ms. Cassidy of Eden on years of education expertise Shen recorded much appreciated,And how to improve international students interview skills made valuable suggestions。For the latest published language school admission criteria,与伊甸教育交换了意见,Eden and to send students to give special education policy。


  • 毕业生大学录取率100%,5 parts per university admission notice。
  • 建校于1874年,历经136年风雨,名人辈出,One of the famous girls' school in Canada。
  • 小班教学,Minded girls' boarding school。
  • 近年来逐步开发全面的笔记本电脑课程,Professor at the forefront of information and communication technologies。
  • 24 hours a day to provide emergency medical services。
  • 因提供高质量的体育课程而获得省级专业协会白金奖,成绩出众,Repeatedly won the provincial competition awards。
  • 丰富的运动和户外活动,学生可参加15种团队运动,Such as football、橄榄球、冰球、boating、滑雪、Basketball。
  • 校内1座女生住宿楼,It has single / double room、Public Learning Area、Recreation Area、24Hour Security。
  • 3Sports grounds、hall、Computer Lab、science lab、Indoor multi-purpose hall、Student Lounge、indoor swimming pool、gym、医疗中心、Large refectorium、church。


学校位于多伦多以东30公里,From Toronto Pearson International Airport is about 45 minutes by car。Whitby school is located close to the city of General Motors of Canada (GE Canada) headquarters in Oshawa City,南临横贯加拿大东部的干线401高速路和安大略湖,风景优美,交通方便,环境幽雅清静,Very suitable for learning。